Reservations are taken up to one month in advance.  The number of seats available for reservations per night is limited. Our bar is small and the majority of the house is reserved for walk-ins.

Reservations must be made in advance (no “day of” reservations).

We will only accept reservations for parties of four (4) or more.

Reservations will only be accepted for our opening 2 hours (5pm-7pm), after 7pm the house is first come first served.

For the sake of service and expediency, parties of 6 or more will be presented one check.

Our house is your house. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your experience. We kindly ask for you to consider your neighbor or your friend who is waiting to enjoy the same experience. That said, in the event that we are holding the door and have parties waiting to get in, we may ask that you please limit your experience to 2 hours.

For reservations contact us at, call
(440) 434-4286 or message us via our Facebook page.